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Here is an excerpt from this report:

"If you’re a coach reading this, I’m here to remind you that God, the universe, whatever that means to you, has also given you a message and a style that has not been given to anyone else. Coaches are a special breed. They almost have an inward, unstoppable gravitational pull, greater than themselves, to help others make forward, positive movement. Every coach I’ve ever met has a message he or she is extremely passionate about. The problem I’ve seen over and over is that oftentimes, coaches don’t have an equally powerful approach to getting that message out to others.

As coaches, our programs, be they workshops, speaking engagements, retreats, or online courses, must be as impactful as the message we have to share. For that reason, let’s take a look at the four most common mistakes coaches make in designing and delivering less-than memorable programs."

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